Denial Of Workers' Compensation Benefits

Even given the broad scope of workers' compensation, your benefits may still be denied. Employers may look for reasons to not pay benefits as a way to save money. When your claim is denied, your employer should give you a reason why. If this happens, you shouldn't give up your fight to recover compensation.

An attorney can look over your case and determine the best course of action if you have been denied benefits. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Feeley & LaRocca have spent years working with residents of South Orange and New Jersey on workers' compensation cases. While workers' compensation doesn't cover everything, you should make sure you explore every option for recovering your losses.

Reasons A Claim May Be Denied

Workers' compensation is meant to be broad, but there are reasons your workers' compensation claim may be denied. If you receive a denial letter, it should lay out the specifics. Common reasons for denial include:

  • The injury wasn't reported.
  • The claim was not filed in time.
  • Your employer disputes the claim's validity.
  • The injury did not require medical attention.

While these are some of the reasons your claim may be denied, that doesn't mean you shouldn't seek legal advice. The right attorney can help you appeal the denial and determine your best course of action.

Has Your Workers' Compensation Claim Been Denied?

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