Cooperative Housing Developments/Condominium Assoc.

The Law Office of Feeley & LaRocca has been representing Cooperative Housing Corporations for well over 25 years. The Law Office Of Feeley & LaRocca has developed systems to address many of the concerns presently facing Cooperative Housing Developments and Condominium Associations. In specific, attorney Tony LaRocca has developed proven systems to address non-payment of member's monthly obligations, violation of Rules and Regulations and Board/Trustee conflicts. The implementation of these systems has been recognized by the New Jersey Courts and has resulted in successfully transforming poorly performing Housing Cooperatives and Condominium Associations into vibrant financially stable Corporations. In addition, our Law Office has extensive experience overseeing membership meetings and Board Meetings. This experience creates a positive environment for the exchange of ideas between membership and the Administration. The successful implementation of these systems and programs has resulted in increasing the productivity and the financial value of the Cooperatives and Condominium Associations.

The Law Office of Feeley & LaRocca also has extensive experience with contract issues involving employees of the Cooperative Housing Developments. This entails contract negotiations as well as enforcement of standards and employee discipline.

Attorney Tony LaRocca is a member of the National Association of Housing Cooperatives as well as a member of the New Jersey Federation of Housing Cooperatives